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Welcome to social spark hub. We aim to introduce children to new cultural experiences in active and imaginative ways.

By encouraging understanding and respect of other people in our community, we hope to promote a more tolerant and harmonious society.

Our goal is to help children learn about different customs, religious and cultural beliefs and enjoy their time together.


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Hello lovely people. Fantastic team effort. The last few weeks and all the backstage work was amazing and the show was finally the icing on the cake . What wonderful memories these kids will have growing up. Big thanks to all.

Big thanks to dear Mishal, Neha & team for your behind the scenes hard work – everything just turned out perfect!!! Our kids are going to remember it for a long time. Handing over certificates by Mr Hammond was a big hit!!

Hello all…amazing performance by all the kids..really enjoyed Ramleela. Kudos to the organizers and teachers. 👌👍👍.